Let's Move!

First Lady Michelle Obama has been making American children healthier a top priority since moving into the White House in 2009. First her initative in bringing a garden to the White House and helping schools in the Washington, DC area, brought much needed awareness to where we get our food. Now she is expanding her focus onto childhood obesity. This generation of children is the first who will live shorter lives than their parents entirely due to their weight related health problems.

Let's Move.Gov  "has an ambitious but important goal: to solve the epidemic of childhood obesity within a generation." (from website)
With a blog and links to facebook and youtube, this website allows you access to what our first lady is working towards. We can all offer our support and energy by joining in the fight!

We realize we are probably preaching to the choir on this, but if those of us who know better speak up and pitch in then there is a real possibility to enact change!

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