Hut Hut Kids

We found this through Inhabitots- and just fell in love. Kalon Design studio is the brainchild of husband and wife team Johannes Pauwen and Michaele Simmering.   Inspired in Berlin and realized in Los Angeles, Kalon is winning favor for their gorgeous design and sustainability mantra. 
This beautiful rocking horse from their collection Hut Hut for Kids 
is created with renewable wood or bamboo and finished in oil that is so green it's food grade! They source as locally as possible and have created a system of manufacturing which would be the envy of anyone over at Treehugger!

This is everything one could ask for. Sustainability and innovative design that intrigues children and we love to look at!
 When the kiddo is done rocking- you get  a great piece of art sitting in your living room.

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