Happy Easter!

Imagine that you had a favorite Coconut Cake recipe. We are sure most of you do. Now imagine having that heartwarming classic challenged!  Too make a very long story short there was a favorite Coconut Cake from Martha Stewart. It's been a fan favorite for a long, long time.
 Then there was a birthday party where a Coconut Cake was shipped in from  The Peninsula Grill in Charleston, South Carolina. This lead to an awkward exchange of claims of greatness. Both cakes were named the greatest cake of all time. There was only one way to make sure- A Coconut Cake Off! Two cakes and a root canal later led to the taste test winner. But we can't cake and tell. You'll have to try them both and decide for yourselves!
Some pointers...
If you happen to have a Barefoot Contessa Cookbook- we usually use her White Sheet Cake recipe as the cake part of the Martha Stewart Cake, but don't tell Martha!
Both Cakes taste better the next day. The Martha cake works great to make the cake and filling a day or two ahead and then wrapping it up tight and putting in the fridge. Make the Seven Minute Frosting the day of event and pray that it's not too hot or it will sweat!
The Peninsula Grill cake is a doosey! PLAN AHEAD AND START TODAY.  This cake is a great cake to make when you are the one bringing the dessert but can lead to a feeling of overwhelm if you are in charge of the main event. Or plan ahead and order one!

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