Save our State Parks

Living in California it's difficult to believe we have a Governor whose solution to a budget deficit is to close 80% of our State parks and eliminate central funding for California's parks.  Apparently, some privileged Californians don't realize that not everyone lives in a mansion with a backyard the size of a State park.  However, the non-profit organization, California State Parks Foundation knows the value of accessible nature. They have helped stave off these cuts and now need our help.  If you are a California resident please read about the "California State Parks and Wildlife Conservation Trust Fund Act of 2010" which is asking California vehicle owners to pay an $18 surcharge to help keep are parks alive.  This would allow the owners free day access to the parks for an entire year!  It's a win-win.  If you're someone who doesn't think you would use the park pass; we ask you to "go outside and play".  You just might be surprised at what your State has to offer.  To sign a petition to get this proposal on the November 2010 ballot, to volunteer, or learn more check out California State Parks Foundation's website.  Does your State face a similar struggle?  Please let us know. . .

P.S.-  We have some exciting plans in the works for our parks that will be unveiled in May.  So stay tuned.

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