Happy Earth Day!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Earth Day!! A friend of ours turned us on to a fabulous blog - The Improvised Life (this blog is really one of the best we've seen it's fun, inspiring, witty, educational, fantastic!) which turned us on to these great dresses made from recycled materials.
The dress above was made from duct tape and phone books. Who knew raiding your dad's work bench would lead to such a delightful article of clothing?
As for this sensation below- this is the work of Artist  Cristina Liedtke. She made her couture out of M&M Peanut wrappers. Meticulously creating the eye confection took over 100 hours!  She worked with TerraCycle.

This company seems to embody what Earth Day is all about. They take trash and make art, clothes, home and pet supplies and toys. In fact their kites made from Skittles, M&M wrappers, and  can be found at Wal- Marts this summer. Via Green4U
Makes us want to go fly a kite! Have a great day!


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