Buy This/ Not That!

 We care that our children are given the future that they deserve. We care about getting our children moving. Sometimes, as adults, we want to fix problems for children in the same way that we would fix them for ourselves.  Adults solve the weight battle all too often by restricting calories and employing a demanding exercise regimen.  Now well intentioned adults are rolling out products to make children do the same. Unfortunately, these products are misguided.  As anyone who has struggled with weight knows, moving just for the sake of burning calories gets pretty boring and eventually people flake.  Studies link healthy lifestyles, better overall health and keeping the weight off longer to moving for fun and companionship not hopping on a machine!
 So instead of  buying these (found at Neiman Marcus)   (which we doubt are effective and are likely to end up in the garage or landfill)

You could . . .

 (photo by Miguel Vieira via Flickr)
 Why not give your family an entire year's worth of fun in California's State Parks for the same dollar amount!!

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  1. Ugh... I can't believe they're selling kid's indoor exercise equipment! Kid's can get plenty of exercise outdoors... and the state park pass... FABULOUS idea!!


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