Sometimes people ask us to help find them stuff- which we LOVE!. Recently we were asked to track down some bookmarks. Preferably ones said reader could make herself. So, here is our first round of winners. What do you think? Have any great ideas or great sources? Since on the topic of bookmarks- we added the link to the recent list put out by the New York Public Library of the 100 Top Picture Books. This has us all giddy thinking about summer reading!
First two are from Etsy Maker: Boqinana
These are from Etsy Maker: NaniStore and are a lot more work than we would want to go to, but they sure are adorable!
Whooo doesn't like these Owly one's?
By Etsy Shop Needlings
We like these a lot too from Blue Eyed Night Owl
This one just makes us laugh!
By Tina Sea Monster
Landfill Hill has these fabric magnetic bookmarks which is an interesting feature.
Apron Thief has her's on sale
Happy Reading!

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