Buy This/ Not That

We subscribe to media free childhoods but even if you LOVE media, adored Baby Einstein, and see nothing wrong with video games- this has got to make you stop in your tracks right? One word- Seriously! It's just gone too far. Really, a $2500+ computer "cubicle" for preschoolers?  Little Tikes this is necessary?  We love how there are blinders on it just in case the real world or you know, friends are too distracting.  Oh, for goodness sakes if you must have a computer for your preschooler(and there isn't a good reason for one)- can't they just use yours? And get a cute desk- FOR ART WORK!
Thanks to the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood and their TOADY awards- this was one of the items on their short list for Worst Toy of the Year.

Most of the items on the list are horrible and mind bogglingly so but this one we thought- ehh it's not so bad. We can see the fun in it. With limits.

The Eye Clops Mini Projector will turn anything into a screen, your ceiling, t- shirt, side of the house. While we certainly wouldn't take it camping with us, we can see how fun it might be to tack up a sheet, pop some popcorn, set up some chairs and blankets, and have an outdoor movie party.  We would rather make an event out of television or movie watching than have it just become part of the day.  Once in a blue moon is ok.  We still look forward to the Sound of Music Sing-A- Long each September at the Hollywood Bowl.  So who are we to judge those who love a good old fashioned outdoor movie?  Martha Stewart had a great spread a few years back.  Here are a couple of the pics we could track down.
Sign us up for a Cherry Tart and Homemade Lemonade and any good old fashioned musical!


  1. Our library has a couple of those Little Tikes computers... they make sense there, but not in the home. There's no way I would buy my kids a mini-cubicle. Yuck!

  2. We are glad to know we have other kindred spirits that just can't abide by this product ever being in a home!
    While we agree that it's a bit more palatable to have one in a library, we would prefer that libraries remain what they were originally built for- books. We simply cannot see the value in having children 3-7 (for which this product was developed) spending time in front of a screen instead of playing or while in the library.... being read to.


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