Shakespeare at the Castle

This is the type of summer camp that we would have died for as girls! We are big 'ol theater lovers! We were destined to love all things theater since between the two of us we have a mother who is a music teacher and a mother who teaches English Literature. How could we possibly escape a love of theater?
When we saw this, our hearts filled with joy- how much fun would this be?!
If you find yourself in the Hudson River Valley this summer, look in on Wing's Castle. An interesting place in it's own right. Peter Wing designed and worked on his castle for over 25 years. Built using architectural salvage, Wing's Castle has over seven towers and a moat that's swimmable!

Also active in local theater,  Mr. Wing created (with a little help from his friends) a day camp for elementary and middle school children called Shakespeare at the Castle. Every summer children gather and read, then edit, design, stage, and costume a Shakespeare show. They entertain their audiences with the castle and the sunset as their backdrop! Oh and swim in the moat! Love that part! We want to swim in a moat. And be Ophelia or Helena or Titania or Viola...! How can a summer's day get better!


  1. Oh wow... what an amazing experience. I would have loved that as a child. In fact, I would love to go now!


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