Feather Down Farm Days

Growing up, we were never too far away from the farm. The grandchildren of farmers and residents of a town built on agriculture, you could say that farming is in our DNA or at least in our collective subconscious. Maybe that's why Feather Down Farm is so terribly exciting to us!  Here you can
  the tour of the farm, see the behind-the-scenes workings and the daily chores necessary to care for animals and grow good food, collect eggs from roaming carefree chickens, talk to some cows, climb a tree, go for a bike ride, and thoroughly enjoy yourself!
Visitors stay in beautiful tents with all one needs. We want to sleep in the canopy bed (really a sleeping cupboard!- see the girl peeking out at you?) There are both cold and hot shower facilities, so no real roughing it required!

Seems like a wonderful way to spend a week in the summer and get away from it all!

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